Friendship Day Special: Let’s go down memory lane and re-live the moment!

The first Sunday of the month of August is celebrated as International Friendship Day. This year, we will be celebrating it on August 1. 

Children and youngsters usually celebrate it by tying friendship bands on their friends’ wrists or gifting each other special goodies & gifts to commemorate this special day and celebrate their bond of friendship.  

However, with the passing of time, these friendship bands and card-making trends suddenly stop, and we shift to tagging each other on social media posts and putting up statuses. Have you wondered why it happens? Did it happen with you too? With how many friends you catch up on this special day or call at least? Not many, right? 

Wondered ever, why so? We suddenly become so busy in our respective lives that we either don’t have time for these things, for which, we used to wait eagerly in our school/college, or we believe that we are too mature for these immature things! 

Well, there’s another reason for this change. While in school, we only had school friends, our friend circle changed once we entered college. Then, comes the office and ‘settling’ phase, when you get married, and all your friends, unfortunately, reside in different cities or countries, and you are left with nothing but calling each other once in a blue moon!

international day of friendship
international day of friendship
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Tell me honestly, how many of you are still in touch with your school friends, or the friend whom you used to call your ‘best friend’ is still your best friend? Not many of us have the same friend as our ‘best friend’ in all stages of life! We change, life changes, circumstances change. 

Now the question arises, how to have them back?! How to become a child again and catch up with your best buddies? This friendship day, let’s celebrate it in a unique way! 

Celebrate friendship week:

It’s really difficult to call up all your buddies from school, college, office in just one day without disturbing your normal routine! So, yes, start it on Monday, August 1 and celebrate it till next Sunday (August 7), call it ‘friendship week’! Call all your friends and talk about everything, your life, their life, those golden days when you were together, recall happy moments, etc. And call, don’t text! Do a video call, if possible, and just live in the moment! 

Meet up:

If you are lucky enough to stay in the same city as your friend, meet up somewhere. Since these days, weekend lockdown is almost everywhere, meet up at their house or organize a lunch meeting at your place and invite them. If you enjoy it, don’t forget to tag and thank us.

Make friendship day cards and gift them:

By this we mean, no online purchasing! Just grab a pen, pencil, color, or paper, whatever you get hold of and whatsoever your age may be. Just draw something and gift handmade drawings. I’m sure your friend would cherish this for a lifetime! You can also make friendship bands with thread, like we used to do in school and tie it on their wrist! Take out time for your buddy and have real fun! 

Social media post ideas:

If you are really addicted to social media and you can’t prevent yourself from posting something on this day, come up with something creative. Instead of the same old boring trend of posting one picture and tagging all of them or simply writing ‘happy friendship day to all of you’, do something different this time. Post your old photos, it can be of school, college, fun trips, little incidents/moments of hostel life, anything which would make your friend laugh and teary-eyed at the same time. Also, add a small caption narrating that day, moment, or any other funny incident that you remember and take them down memory lane.


I hope these little things help you re-live the moment with your gang. No matter at what stage of your life you may be right now, just remember, the place of ‘friends’ in your heart cannot be taken by anyone else. You may be happily married or fully committed or even have fully grown-up kids but still, you need to take out time for those people who were with you when you had no one else. As you all know, friends are the family we choose!

– Avalokita Pandey
Voice-Over Artist at Shayari Sukun
Copy-editor at Dalal Street Investment Journal

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