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Top 10 Human Viruses

By Vanshika Navlani

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If you want to know the top 10 human viruses just for the curiosity then this guide will help you to know them. Scroll through each slide! Photo:

10. Dengue ----------- Symptoms: Rash, Aches & Pain ----------------------------------- Photo:

9. Kyasanur Forest Virus ----------- Symptoms: High fever, Severe headache ------------- Photo:

8. The Machupo virus ----------- Symptoms: High fever ------------------------------ Photo:

7. The Crimea-Congo fever -------- Symptoms: Bleeding from face ---------------------- Photo:

6. Junin virus --------------- Symptoms: Skin bleeding ----------------------------------- Photo:

5. Lassa virus --------------- Symptoms: Fever with weakness ---------------------- Photo:

4. Bird flu virus ----------- Symptoms: Fever, Cough, Sore Throat ---------------------- Photo:

3. Hantavirus ----------- Symptoms: Fever and Kidney failure ---------------------- Photo:

2. Ebola ---------- Symptoms: Fever with Loss of appetite ---------------------- Photo:

1. Marburg virus ---------- Symptoms: Hight Fever, Severe Headache, diarrhoea ---------------------- Photo:

I hope you have found the useful and the best information on the top 10 human viruses. Be Safe and Stay Protected! photo:


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