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Top 10 Richest Man In The World

By Vanshika Navlani

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If you want to know who are the top 10 richest man in the world, then you have come to right place. According to forbes we have prepared this list! photo:

10. Larry Page ----------------------- Age: 50, Wealth: $87.2 B Business: Google Country: USA Photo Credit:

9. Steve Ballmer ----------------------- Age: 67, Wealth: $89.7 B Business: Microsoft Country: USA Photo Credit:

8. Carlos Slim Helu & family ----------------------- Age: 83, Wealth: $94.2 B Business: Telecom Country: Mexico Photo Credit:

7. Michael Bloomberg ----------------------- Age: 81, Wealth: $94.5 B Business: Bloomberg lp Country: USA Photo Credit:

6. Warren Buffett ----------------------- Age: 92, Wealth: $106.0 B Business: Berkshire hathaway Country: USA Photo Credit:

5. Bill Gates ----------------------- Age: 67, Wealth: $109.4 B Business: Microsoft Country: USA Photo Credit:

4. Larry Ellison ----------------------- Age: 78, Wealth: $115.2 B Business: Oracle Country: USA Photo Credit:

3. Jeff Bezos ----------------------- Age: 59, Wealth: $125.1 B Business: Amazon Country: USA Photo Credit:

2. Elon Musk ----------------------- Age: 51, Wealth: $194.6 B Business: Tesla, spacex Country: USA Photo Credit:

1. Bernard Arnault & family ----------------------- Age: 74, Wealth: $220.6 B Business: Lvmh Country: France Photo Credit:

Please note that this is real time list prepare when this web story is being written. I hope you've enjoyed knowing top 10 richest man in the World! photo:


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