Interesting Facts About Buddha

By Malvika Kashyap

May 16, 2022

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The term "Buddha" refers to someone who has achieved enlightenment and experienced a sense of awakening in order to create a peaceful, harmonious, and just society.

Meaning of Buddha

Siddhartha had everything he needed, but his mind was not at ease. So he left his children and wife at home one night and set off in search of enlightenment.

He left home

Siddhartha arrived in Gaya, Bihar, where he sat under a pipal tree and declared that he would not leave until he had acquired knowledge.

Pipal tree in Gaya

From Siddhartha, he became "Buddha." The "Bodhi tree" is the pipal tree under which enlightenment was obtained, hence Gaya is known as "Bodh Gaya."

Bodhi tree

The Tripitakas contain the Buddhist teachings. Vinay Pitaka, Sutta Pitaka, and Abhidhamma Pitaka are the three Tripitaka.


Buddhism, one of the world's major faiths, was created by Gautama Buddha. Emperor Ashoka was the one who transmitted Lord Buddha's teachings the most broadly.

Founded Buddhism

The Buddha established the Sangha, a community of monks and nuns who have preserved his teachings to this day.


Buddhism is frequently considered a sort of psychology rather than a religion because of its emphasis on meditation and mindfulness.

Form of psychology

Buddhism is the world's fourth largest religion, with 360 million adherents. Buddhists do not believe in a creator god or supreme being.

Fourth largest religion

There is no single sacred book in Buddhism. Many Asian languages have maintained extensive scriptures.

No single holy book

Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was a teacher, philosopher, and spiritual leader. The Buddhist faith is built on the foundation of his teachings.


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