Damayanti Sen Biography: You Should Know

By Malvika Kashyap

April 14, 2022

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Damayanti Sen, who is an IPS officer, there is no concrete information about his date of birth. But it is said that she was born in 1970.

Damyanti Sen date of birth

Damayanti Sen is known to be a tough IPS officer of the 1996 batch. Damayanti Sen is a police officer in Kolkata.

Damyanti Sen IPS officer

It is said that IPS Damayanti Sen has not married. But she is a single mother. She has adopted a child.

Damyanti Sen husband

Damayanti Sen has not made any information about her family available to the public. There is no information available about  her parents and siblings

Damyanti Sen family

Damayanti Sen is in the post of Special Commissioner in Kolkata Police. Damayanti is serving in Bengal Police as a senior IPS officer.

Damyanti Sen  Kolkata police

According to the information, Damayanti Sen has done degree in economics and post graduate degree from Jadavpur University. She has always been first class in her studies.

Damyanti Sen Education

Damayanti Sen, an IPS officer investigating the Park Street rape case in 2012, was transferred to the Bengal Police.

Damyanti Sen  current posting

Only Damayanti Sen will investigate 4 recent rape cases in different parts; the Kolkata High Court has given such a decision. Because of this, Damayanti Sen is in discussion.

Damyanti Sen news

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had termed the Park Street gang rape investigation as a fabricated incident. She had arrested 3 culprits

Gang Rape Investigation

After this incident in 2012, the Chief Minister of Bengal sent him from Kolkata Police station to Barrackpore. Along with this, her posting was also kept on the sideline.

was transferred in 2012

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