Know these Maternity Leave Benefits

By Malvika Kashyap

May 2, 2022

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Maternity Leave is a paid leave of absence from work given by an employer to a female employee before and after the birth of her child.

What is maternity leave?

The Rajya Sabha amended the law in August 2016, expanding the length of maternity leave from 12 to 26 weeks.

Is maternity leave  6 or 9 months

According to the Maternity Benefit Act, a woman will be awarded maternity benefits at the rate of her average daily pay for the three months prior to her maternity leave.

Wages and leaves

In addition to the 26 weeks of paid vacation and 12 weeks of paid leave for a mother of two, a medical bonus of Rs. 3500 is available.

Medical bonus

The National Food Security Act of 2013 also provides a stipend of  Rs. 6000/- to pregnant women and breastfeeding moms.

Benefit under NFS

According to the act, an employer should not assign demanding responsibilities to a pregnant employee ten weeks before the due date, as this could harm both the mother and the child.

Easy tasks

The law also specifies that during maternity leave, an employer cannot fire or terminate a female employee.

Can't dismiss woman

The employer shall guarantee the woman's health and safety by requiring her to refrain from working for six weeks after the delivery, as well as after a miscarriage.

Health & safety

Maternity Leave is strongly backed by the government. Women will benefit from this legislation since it will let them keep their employment and spend more time with their families.


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