Wood  Apple  Benefits

By Malvika Kashyap

April 26, 2022

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It is thought to be quite beneficial in preventing sunstroke and other summer-related health problems.

wood apple or bael

The wood apple is high in fibre and vitamin C. In the summer, drinking a glass of wood apple juice every day helps digestion & also protects the body from sunstroke.

Aids digestion

It is high in fibre, wood apple is recognised for its laxative qualities. Regular usage in the summer, together with salt and pepper, aids in natural treatment of constipation.

Prevents constipation

a combination of wood apple pulp and jaggery This combination works well for weariness and energy depletion.

Great source of energy

Tannin and phenolic chemicals are found in wood apple. These substances have a lot of anti-oxidant qualities, therefore they can aid with ulcers and piles.

Effective against piles

Consuming it in the form of juice on a daily basis keeps the gut healthy and reduces the risk of renal disease.

Good for kidney

Wood apple is known for its expectorant characteristics and is used to treat a variety of ailments including sore throats, asthma, and bronchitis.

Effective against respiratory issues

It includes a high level of thiamine and riboflavin and is also a good source of beta-carotene, which can help with liver problems.

Cures liver issues

If you don't like wood apples but want to reap the advantages of the fruit, boil a few leaves and drink the liquid.

Cures  high blood pressure

Wood apple is high in 'Feronia gum,' a natural substance that helps manage the balanced flow of sugar in the bloodstream, helping to keep diabetes under control.

Controls Diabetes

Despite the absence of human studies on some of these possible benefits, it's safe to conclude that pomegranate is a delicious and nutritious addition to your diet.


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