Short Story

Eternal love

By Malvika Kashyap

March 15, 2022

Worth to Share

Note अगले स्लाइड पर जाने के लिए,  या फिर विज्ञापन स्किप करने के लिए स्क्रीन को टच करें

Anamika received a lovely flower bouquet at work one day.  She counted 11 roses and discovered a brief note inside.

It was written in beautiful lettering and said:  "My love for you will last until the day the last flower in this bouquet dies."

Her husband, who had gone on a business trip, had left her a note.   Anamika was not sure how to interpret the message.

In the evening, she returned home and soaked the flowers in water.  The flowers became a little less attractive each day until they perished all at once.  Except on Flower.

This was the day she realised the bouquet contained  one artificial flower that would last forever.

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