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Buttermilk Benefits for Health

By Malvika Kashyap

May 3, 2022

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Buttermilk is a dairy beverage that has been fermented. It was traditionally the liquid left over after making butter from cultured cream.

What Is Buttermilk?

In the hot summer months, a glass of buttermilk topped with cumin seeds, mint, and salt is ideal for quenching our thirst and cooling our bodies.

Natural Coolant

Buttermilk contains beneficial bacteria and lactic acid, which aid digestion and enhance metabolism. It also aids in the maintenance of  regular bowel movements.

Digestive System

Regular drinking of buttermilk benefits people with hypertension and heart disease by lowering blood pressure.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Calcium is found in buttermilk. It strengthens our bones and teeth. Additionally, it aids in the prevention of degenerative bone illnesses such as osteoporosis.

Bones & Teeth

Curd and water are used to make buttermilk. It's mostly made up of water and electrolytes like potassium. As a result, it's effective at keeping the body's water equilibrium.

Prevents Dehydration

Buttermilk contains riboflavin, a B vitamin that is essential for your body's energy generation processes. It can keep you engaged all day long.

Boosts Energy

Buttermilk is a wonderful skin cleanser and toner that keeps our skin glowing. It also aids in the removal of tan, acne marks, and blemishes.

Good for Skin

Buttermilk is a versatile, healthful, and delectable body element. So, with your doctor's permission, you can begin utilising it.


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