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Lemon Tea Benefits for Health

By Malvika Kashyap

May 14 2022

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Lemon tea is a simple, pleasant, and delightful beverage that can be made with just fresh lemons or with lemon and genuine tea.

What is lemon tea?

It may assist to minimise infection risk, protect against oxidative stress from the environment, and reduce inflammation.


Drinking lemon tea has been shown to have better antibacterial activity against some bacteria than drinking pure green or black tea, according to research.


Citrus fruits have been shown in studies to help lessen the risk of getting mental diseases. They may aid in the treatment of anxiety and disorders such as Alzheimer's.

Mental health

Lemon juice is a diuretic by nature. Citric acid (as opposed to ascorbic acid) has been shown in studies to help reduce the risk of kidney stones.

Kidney stones

Lemon consumption has been shown to aid with premature skin ageing by increasing collagen content and minimising wrinkle  formation in studies.


A study found that black tea with lemon peel may have better anticancer properties than black tea alone.


Drinking lemon with honey has been shown in studies to help with cough relief and sleep quality.

Sore throat or cough

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