1 Sometimes people stop eating and drinking to lose weight. But this is not good for our health at all. We need to remember that a healthy lifestyle is the only way to lose weight.

2 Losing weight is not as difficult as you might think. Only with a proper diet and proper exercise can you maintain your weight.

3 To lose weight you must first prepare your mind. Be sure to seek the help of your family and friends to help you lose weight.

4 To lose weight as soon as possible, get up early in the morning and  drink lukewarm water mixed with one or two glasses of lemon juice and  honey.

5 After that you can do as much exercise as you can to get up and down the  stairs. This is the best exercise for the heart. At the same time, it  can tone your hips and legs.

6. You need not have to join a gym only to lose weight. You can do yoga and stretch in the morning while doing light exercise.

7. To lose weight you need to have a heavy breakfast and light meals during  the day. For breakfast you can eat protein-rich foods like fresh  fruits, eggs, and nuts.

8 If you want to lose weight easily, you should stop eating fast food. Instead, eat fresh and nutritious home-made food.

9 You don't have to cut down on your food right away. Instead, gradually  reduce the amount of food you eat. It will not make you hungry fast.

10 In your daily diet, eat only roti or oatmeal. Food made from whole  grains can give energy to your body for a long time, which will keep you  energized all the time.

11 The most important thing in losing weight is to control your mind. You  can also meditate on it. So that you can fill yourself with passion.

12. Don't rush into losing weight at all. If you have a problem with  something or have a question in mind, be sure to discuss it with your  family doctor.