1 In the language of doctors, the gap between the teeth is called diastemas. These diastemas usually appear in front teeth.

2 The gap between the teeth does not affect the body much, But a lot of people may have difficulty speaking, and they may have to hide their smiles.

3 Tooth gaps can be caused by differences between the upper and lower jaw bones. This problem can also be caused by very small teeth that are often too small in size.

4. We can try to prevent gaps in children's teeth from an early age. These include brushing and flossing on a daily basis, as well as preventing young children from getting their thumbs out.

5 You can also do some home remedies to reduce tooth gaps. In this case you can use traditional braces. Also nowadays you can get invisible braces instead of wire braces.

6 Using braces can help reduce the gap between your teeth in 6 to 24 months. This procedure is extremely slow and can lead to swelling or blisters in the gums over time.

7 Another way to reduce the gap between the teeth is resin bonding. In this, a resin of the same color as the teeth is put in the teeth. But this resin bonding has to be changed every few years.

8 Another solution is to use a thin layer of veneer to reduce the gap between the teeth. Veneers can be a permanent remedy to reduce tooth gaps. This can reduce the distance between two or more teeth.

9 Invisalign is another way to reduce the gap between the teeth. Invisalign uses ultra-thin aligners. You can change this every two weeks.

10 For these remedies, you can look in the mirror at home and measure the gaps in the teeth with your strip and keep them down. These measurements will be useful to show you to your doctor.

11 The easiest, most reliable and appropriate way is to go to the dentist for all these remedies. So be sure to go to your nearest dentist and tell them about your dental problems.