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How to  control  wife?

By Malvika Kashyap

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You can act to avoid conflict by acting in accordance with your spouse's preferences and dislikes after studying their personality.

A husband and wife will resolve the issue if they both firmly resolve to adjust with one another. One must adjust by caving in if the other is persistent.

You only need to use this one key—compromise—without altering each other's interests. The key to making a marriage work is to love and accept one another as well as the circumstances as they arise.

When speaking to your partner, both what you say and how you say it important. You should avoid provoking them when you speak to them.

First and foremost, disputes shouldn't happen at home. If they occur, attempt to resolve them. When you sense that an argument is going to flare up, use some water to diffuse the situation.

Keep your cool & avoid arguing or making situation into a contest of superiority. You'll conserve energy & it's better that way. After letting her rage for a while, ask her if she will now listen.

Do your best to demonstrate to her that you are the head of the household and that you are determined to save your once-happy marriage.


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