Facts About Mullein Benefits

By Malvika Kashyap

June 27, 2022

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Describe Mullein There are more than 450 species of flowering plants in this genus. They are indigenous to Europe and Asia, with the Mediterranean region having the greatest species variety.

Mullein has been shown in studies to combat viruses that cause the flu. But rather than self-treating flu symptoms, it's imperative to contact a doctor.

Mullein has powerful antimicrobial properties, according to studies. It is useful for healing haemorrhoids, calming burns, and cleansing wounds.

The abundant saponins found in mullein's leaves and blossoms are thought to be the reason for the herb's powerful respiratory effects.

A healing mucilage that coats and calms the gut wall and offers lubrication to facilitate an easier and smoother bowel movement is substituted for the "bad" mucus by mullein.

Over the course of three days, those who received mullein-containing ear drops displayed statistically significant improvement.

Verbascoside, a substance found in mullein, has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and to be especially effective in reducing joint and muscular discomfort.

When necessary, it can be taken with water or fruit juice. As it has been done historically, take 2-3ml, twice daily, or as instructed by a herbalist.

It would appear safe to attempt mullein as a herbal remedy to relieve pain or inflammation.  It shouldn't be substituted for a prescription drug, though.


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