Check these Jade Roller Benefits

By Malvika Kashyap

April 29, 2022

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A jade roller is a paint roller-style instrument for the face made of solid jade stone that has been used in Chinese healthcare for millennia.

What is a jade roller?

Jade rollers are used to massage the skin softly. This helps the lymph nodes remove water and poisons from the face, reducing puffiness momentarily.

What is a jade roller do?

This is a simple and natural technique to tone your skin and minimise puffiness. As a result, your skin becomes more detoxified, and circulation in  the targeted area improves.

Reduces puffiness

Massage your forehead, jawline, and other sections of your face with a jade roller to relax your facial muscles and relieve strain, toning your skin and making it look younger.

Tones skin

Use a jade roller to gently massage your skin after applying your serum, lotion, or emollient to help them absorb much deeper into your skin.

Improves product absorption

It has a very smooth and equal surface that glides over your skin and feels quite nice. The jade roller's cooling characteristics soothe and calm your skin.

Soothes skin

It enhances facial blood circulation. More oxygen, vitamins, and nutrients flow through your skin, resulting in bright, clear, and beautiful skin.

Makes your skin glow

Applying a lip balm and rubbing your lips with a jade roller will instantly plump up thin, dry, and chapped lips.

Massage your lips

The final message is that using a jade roller may benefit your skin, but don't worry if you've never used one before.


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