Black Tourmaline Benefits

By Malvika Kashyap

June 22, 2022

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What is Black Tourmaline? It is a kind of silicate crystal that is also referred to as Schorl. Sodium Iron Aluminum Borate Silicate makes up the black stone.

Offers protection It is a go-to stone for shielding or removing undesirable energy as well as for protection. In hard or difficult circumstances, it may be useful.

It clears away negative energy Negative energy can be banished with the aid of black tourmaline. It excels at helping you remain attentive of the present.

It can enhance motivation Boosting motivation is another benefit of black tourmaline. It can connect you to the earth's energy.

It's grounding It can assist in balancing out additional groundless high-energy crystals. It keeps you focused and in the present.

Ward off nightmares Iron traces in tourmaline can help you avoid nightmares and have a good night's sleep.

Balance the chakras Wands made of tourmaline crystal are fantastic for energising and balancing the chakras. Match the coloured crystals to the main chakra's related colours.

Other benefits Your body may benefit from a detoxification and circulation may be improved. It is also said to benefit the liver and kidneys.

Even if black tourmaline isn't the most eye-catching gemstone in the store, it's still worth possessing when you need protection.


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