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Best Ways To Burn Belly Fat

By Adam Smith

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There are plenty of ways to reduce your weight, but this guide will tell you the best way to burn belly fat.

6. Burpee Work as many muscles as you can if you want to reduce weight in your midsection.  The burpee does exactly this.

5. Kettlebell Swing One of the most effective workouts ever known for burning calories is the kettlebell swing.

4. Dumbell Overhead Lunge A lunge with a dumbbell overhead transforms into a core builder. -----------

3. Treadmill Sprints Sprint for 20 seconds with 40 seconds of rest for fifteen sets, gradually increasing your labour.

2. Thrusters It works practically all of the major muscle groups and is the best workout for the money.

1. Squat jumps Squat leaps are the foundation for almost all explosive lower body movements. ---------

If you follow these ways one by one with proper repeatations according to your stamina. You might see that your belly fat got burned within a month.


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