15 Best Things To Do In Salem, MA

by kriti chandawat

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Salem, Massachusetts, is famous for its rich history, particularly its association with the Salem witch trials of 1692. Here are some things to do in Salem, MA

The Salem Witch Museum

Start your visit by exploring the history of the Salem witch trials at the Salem Witch Museum. It offers a dramatic presentation and educational exhibits.

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The Witch House

This 17th-century house belonged to Judge Jonathan Corwin, who played a role in the trials. It's now a museum offering insights into the period

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Salem Maritime National Historic Site

Explore the historic waterfront and visit the Visitor Center to learn about Salem's maritime history, including the Salem Privateers

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Peabody Essex Museum

This museum houses an extensive collection of art and cultural artifacts from around the world, including maritime art and Asian export art. 

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House of the Seven Gables

Explore the beautiful gardens and take a guided tour to learn about the history and literary connections.

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Ropes Mansion

Tour this well-preserved 18th-century mansion and its gardens. It's an excellent example of Georgian architecture.

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Salem Witch Trials Memorial

The memorial is a contemplative place with stone benches inscribed with the victims' names.

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Pickering Wharf

Stroll along this picturesque waterfront area filled with shops, restaurants, and galleries. It's a great place to enjoy the coastal atmosphere and get a bite to eat.

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Salem Willows Park

A waterfront park with picnic areas, a small beach, an arcade, and a scenic walking path along the ocean. It's a lovely spot for a family outing.

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Salem Trolley Tour

Take a guided trolley tour to get an overview of Salem's history and attractions. You can hop on and off at various points of interest.

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Derby Wharf and Friendship of Salem

Walk along Derby Wharf and visit the Friendship of Salem, a replica 18th-century tall ship. 

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Witchcraft Trials Memorial

This outdoor memorial is dedicated to the individuals accused and executed during the witch trials. It's a place for reflection and remembrance.

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Haunted Happenings

If you visit in October, Salem's "Haunted Happenings" festival offers various events, including ghost tours, haunted houses, and costume parties.

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Salem Wax Museum

Get a glimpse into Salem's history and legends through wax figures and displays in this museum.

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Salem Woods

For those who enjoy nature, Salem Woods offers hiking trails and a peaceful escape from the city.

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Whether you're interested in the witch trials, maritime history, or simply exploring a charming New England town, Salem has something to offer.