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10 Best Haircut For Boys

By Vanshika Navlani

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Every boy wants to look stylish and a haircut plays an important role in that.  Here are the 10 best haircut for boys.

1. Fringe Haircut You may style your hair by creating a front fringe using thick, curly hair. Photo @irwandi_zainuddin12

2. Side Swept Hair is side-swept from top to bottom and is short on the sides. Photo @alan_beak ---------

3. Short Quiff To create a quiff, pull the front hair up and to the side or back. Photo @irwandi_zainuddin12

4. Asymmetrical Side Swept For a quirky and asymmetrical style, swipe the top to the side and apply a fade to the sides. Photo @alan_beak

5. Bun Hairstyle The ideal hair for a bun might be thick, long, and textured. Photo @martin.risteskii

6. Straight Shag Your medium-length hair should be styled in a straight shag. Photo @beardoholic ----------

7. Natural Wave With Ponytail Your naturally curly hair should hang loosely at the top of your short ponytail. Photo @i.maneiac

8. Gelled Up Geling your hair up will offer you a tidy and fashionable appearance and is ideal for short hair. Photo @irwandi_zainuddin12

9. Buzz Cut Nothing makes you look more orderly while also creating mystery like a buzz cut. Photo @nour.badran_official

10. Slick Back For a fashionable look, use a product to smooth your hair back and wear a beard. Photo @nour.badran_official

These are some of the trending and best haircuts for boys, if you wanna try it then don't think much.  Be Stylish, Stay Stylish!


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