After Effects Of Omicron

By Malvika Kashyap

April 7, 2022

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Starting from South Africa, the new variant of Corona, Omicron, created havoc around the world.  The WHO had also described this new variant as very risky.

Dangerous Omicron

To avoid Omicron, it is very important to keep distance from each other, wash hands frequently and wear masks. Many of its symptoms are similar to the rest of the variants.

What to do to avoid Omicron?

If you get infected with Omicron despite taking all precautions, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

Omicron can infect you even after caution

Omicron grows in the throat. Unlike the Delta variant, it does not directly affect the lungs. But Omicron can cause common cold, headache, and tiredness as well as joint pain.


A person's heart rate can accelerate due to Omicron infection. Sore throat can also be more. But the oxygen level doesn't seem to drop much in this.

Heart rate increases

Omicron infection does not result in loss of taste or smell like the delta variant.  But its infection has been found to be very fast compared to Delta.

Transition is faster than Delta

Due to Omicron, the death rate in the whole world is very low so far. But still the WHO has warned not to make the mistake of considering it weak.

WHO warns

Omicron infection can cause extreme tiredness. At the same time, the person may feel low energy and desire to rest.

You feel very tired

Along with this, dry cough can also be very high in people suffering from Omicron infection. This can dry out your throat. And throat infection may occur.

Throat infection

Omicron can cause excessive sweating at times in a patient. Many times, the affected person sweats even after running the AC or sleeping in a cold place.

Sweats a lot

All the mentioned symptoms and results are given for informational purposes only. For any kind of problem or any problem, definitely consult a doctor or doctor.


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