A$AP Rocky and Rihanna have had their 1st child.

By Malvika Kashyap

May 20, 2022

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Rapper A$AP Ferg Rocky and his wife Rihanna, a multi-hyphenate pop singer have had their first child.

Rihanna gave birth to a baby boy on May 13, 2022,  according to TMZ report,

When did Rihanna  had her baby?

As of this writing, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky haven't decided on a name for their son. They gave no information concerning his name.

What did Rihanna  name her child?

"Rihanna wants her Barbados ancestry, as well as ASAP's roots,  to be respected when she names her child," says the source.

The couple, who have been dating since early 2020, announced their pregnancy in January 2022  at New York.

When we consider Rihanna's previous actions, naming her child after someone in her family makes sense.

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