Torna Fort: Detailed Information About Great Prachandagad!

Today, we are going to learn about Torna Fort, which is a very important and huge fort in Maharashtra, India. We all know that Shivaji Maharaj was the first to conquer the Torna fort while establishing Swarajya. And that is why ‘Swarajyache toran bandhale‘ such a saying was created in Marathi. So let’s learn more about this fort.

Torna is a remote and huge fort situated in the foothills of the Sahyadri. This fort is located in the Sahyadri range southwest of Pune city. From here, two rows of the Sahyadri mountain range have gone to the east.

Torna Fort

Torna Fort from Jhunjhar Machi View

On the first row, we can see Torna and Rajgad forts and hence the second layer is called Bhuleshwar Rang (row). The fort is called ‘Giridurg’ in the middle climbing range at an altitude of 1403 meters or 4604 feet above sea level. The fort was named ‘Torana’ because of the large number of Toran trees on the fort.

What is the history of Torna Fort?

Torna Fort View
Torna Fort View

Shivaji Maharaj conquered the Torna fort in 1647 AD at the time of the establishment of Swarajya. Then, when Shivaji Maharaj inspected this fort, he noticed a huge expansion of this fort. After that, he changed the name of this fort to ‘Prachandgad‘.

He also used the money found in the fort to re-build the fort. When Shivaji Maharaj left Agra, he restored many forts. He spent 5000 Hons (currency of that time) on Torna fort.

It is not known exactly when and by whom this fort was built. But from the remnants of various caves and temples on this fort, we must say, this fort could have been the ashram of Shaivism.

Statue of Shivaji Maharaj Near Fort
Statue of Shivaji Maharaj Near Fort

Between 1470 and 1486 AD, Malik Ahmed conquered the fort for the Bahmani dynasty. Later this fort’s ownership went to Nizam Shah and after that Shivaji Maharaj conquered this fort and also built some buildings on the fort.

After the assassination of Sambhaji Maharaj in 1689, the fort came under the control of the Mughals. But Secretary Shankaraji Narayan brought this fort back under the control of Marathas.

Then, in 1704 AD, Aurangzeb besieged the fort again and conquered it. At that time, he named the fort ‘Futuulgaib’, meaning Divine Victory.

But immediately after four years, Sarnobat Nagoji Kokate invaded the fort and brought it back under the control of the Marathas.

Torna Fort Zunjar Maachi and Entrance Views
Torna Fort Zunjar Maachi and Entrance Views

Few interesting facts about Torna Fort (Fortress in Charhat Wadi, Maharashtra)

  • The only fort of the Marathas that Aurangzeb had to conquer by battle was Torna fort.
  • In the year 1665 AD, when Mirza Raja Jaisingh came to attack Shivaji Maharaj. At that time, Shivaji Maharaj had to make a treaty of Purandar with Jaisingh. In that treaty, he had to give 23 forts of Swarajya to Jayasinghe; But Torna fort was kept by Shivaji Maharaj in Swarajya.
  • Budhala Maachi and Jhunjar Maachi are famous Machis on Torna fort. Maachi means level ground occurring at the foothills.
  • On the way to Torna fort, one has to go through a very green region. It gives a pleasant look to your eyes.
  • Here you can see a variety of trees, shrubs, and waterfalls along the path (detour). Birds like peacocks etc. can also be seen.
  • Situated in a very scenic environment, this fort feels like a paradise to the tourists who come here during the rainy season.
  • Looking at the white mist and clouds descending on the paddy fields in the surrounding area, it is as if you feel as if you have gone into that high cloud yourself.
Budhla Machi at Torna Fort
Budhla Machi at Torna Fort

Tips to tour Torna Fort

  • If you are coming here in the rainy season, you should definitely have a raincoat with you. Because it is a high chance of raining here in the rainy season with thick fog.
  • If you have good binoculars and a high-quality camera, the pleasure of seeing the beautiful scenery of the fort can be doubled.
  • Also, when you come to the fort, you should bring food and drinking water with you!
  • As the footpath is very steep while climbing the fort, you may get tired.
  • You have to take a detour to get inside the main gate of the fort. The design of this type of door looks like a cow’s neck. Therefore, such a structure is called a door built in a gomukh (cow’s face) manner.
  • This circular structure made it possible to keep an eye on everyone coming and going from the top wall of the door. Also, it was very easy to defend the gate and alternatively the fort during the enemy attack.
  • The archaeological department has also erected iron protective walls at various places to reach the fort. So you can easily climb up and down the fort.
  • Descending from this very high fort can be just as exhausting. Therefore, it is better to always be careful while ascending and descending here.
Lush Green Jhujhar Machi View
Lush Green Jhujhar Machi View

Nearby places you might enjoy visiting

  1. There are many places to see on Torna Fort. Among them are the famous temples of Mengai Devi and Toranjai Devi.
    1. The temple of Goddess Mengai is a very ancient temple and there is a beautiful idol of Shivaji Maharaj in this temple.
    2. Tourists and people visiting the fort can spend the night in the temple of Goddess Mengai.
  2. There is also an ancient temple of Lord Shiva in this area. All these temples are beautifully built in stone and when you visit these temples you feel cool and calm.
  3. You have to go through the Konkan Gate to reach the most scenic Budhala Machi on the fort.
    1. In summer or winter, when there is no fog, even through the Konkan Gate, one can have a very beautiful view of Budhala Machi.
  4. On the way to Jhunjhar Machi on the fort, you can come across an iron ladder built by the Archaeological Department. From this Jhunjar Machi you can see the beautiful scenery of the fort as well as the surrounding area.
  5. If you observe from Torna fort, you can see Raigad, Rajgad, Lingana, Purandar, and Sinhagad forts. Rajgad can be reached by one way only from Torna fort.

If you are an avid tourist then you can definitely visit all these places and forts around Torna Fort once.

Way to Torna Fort
Way to Torna Fort

How carefully to reach Torna Fort?

Way to Rajgad From Torna Fort
Way to Rajgad From Torna Fort
  • Torna Fort is located near Velhe Taluka in the Pune district.
    • From this Velhe village, you can reach Torna fort. The distance from Pune to Torna is about 60 km.
  • A bus leaves the Swargate bus stand in Pune at 6.30 am to reach Velhe. With this bus, you can definitely reach Velhe village. Or if you have a private car, you can go to the base of the fort.
  • Pune-Nasrapur-Velhe, Pune-Panshet-Velhe or Velhe via Pune-Khanapur-Pabe to reach the base of Torna fort. If you come by any vehicle, parking is well arranged.
  • If you have decided to come here by train, then Pune is the nearest railway station to you.
  • Even if you come by air, Pune Airport is the nearest airport to you.
  • In the time of Shivaji Maharaj, via Velhe-Vegre-Aali can be reached in one and a half to two hours through ‘Bini Darwaza‘. This route is easier to reach the fort than other routes.
  • Another route passes through Bhatti village, 5 km from Velha. From the west of this village, one can go directly to Budhala Machi through ‘Valanjai Darwaza‘.
  • Apart from all these routes, there are many roads to get to Torna Fort; But all those paths have become difficult, and dangerous.

Torna Fort Map | Source: Google Map


So what, after reading information about Torana fort, you must have felt as if you had travelled to Torana fort. Don’t forget to share your experience with us. Torna Fort has its own significance for the Maharashtra state of India. If this blog post encourages you to plan to visit Torna Fort then it will be a great thing for us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The workers on the Torna fort discovered four metal pots filled with?

Gold Mohurs (Coins)

What is Torna Fort quotes in Marathi?

“स्वराज्याचे तोरण बांधले”

Who posted guards at Torna fort?

At that time, the fort was guarded by Killedar (fortress commander) Firangoji Narsala (age 70 at the time) with a force of 320 Mavalas(soldiers).

Why did Shivaji Maharaj and the Mavalas decide to capture Torna fort first for Swaraj?

The forts situated within the jagir of Shivaji Maharaj were not under his control but were under the control of Adilshah… Therefore an attempt to capture the forts meant to challenge the Adilshahi power

Name the person who hoisted the flag on Torna Fort?

Shivaji Maharaj personally hoisted the saffron flag

What is the material used for the Torna fort to build?

It is a popular hill fort so it is built with stones and rocks.

How much electricity is given by Municipal Corporation to Torna fort?

The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Corporation Limited (MSEDCL) said that the Rs 27.88-lakh electrification project at Torna fort

How long is the Torna fort boundary?

Velhe village to the Plateau. Trek Distance: 1 km. Trek Duration: 20 minutes.

Direct distance between Raigad and Torna Fort?

142 km or 88.2 miles or 76.7 nautical miles